Things To Do


There are many walks to be found within North Lincolnshire, you can be sure to find a walk to suit any ability or age.

You can access walking maps and guides for the following areas:


Isle of Axholme
North of Scunthorpe
South of Scunthorpe

The Viking Way

The Viking Way enters North Lincolnshire at Barton upon Humber after the Humber Bridge. It then meanders its way southward across the region heading towards the city of Lincoln, from where is makes its way to Oakham in Rutland, its final destination.


The Ramblers is Britains largest walking charity with 38,000 led walks every year. The Scunthorpe group walk locally, so for more information visit the Ramblers website.

Cycle Routes

The quiet country lanes and friendly villages of North Lincolnshire are perfect for family cycling. A comprehensive North Lincolnshire cycle routes pack with details of 13 rides, from six miles to 50 miles in length is available.

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